Day 1 of Convention 2017 Recap

September 30, 2017
Banner for the 2017 CIU National Convention, which will take place from September 29 to October 1st, 2017, in Ottawa, with the slogan "united and looking to the future"

September 29 was the first day of the CIU’s 18th National Convention. Throughout the day, Convention attendees heard speeches from guest speakers, including Robyn Benson, National President of PSAC, who delivered the keynote address. Delegates were also occupied with Convention business, including the report of the CIU National President.

Convention attendees also participated in a rally in front of CBSA’s office in downtown Ottawa. See the post here for more information.

You can find a few pictures of first day of Convention below. As always, you’re also invited to follow us on social media with the hashtag #ciusdi2017 (Facebook: @ciu.sdi, Twitter: @ciu_sdi, Instagram: @ciusdi) to get the latest Convention updates.


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