Last Day of Convention Recap

October 1, 2017
reps 2017-2020

On the last day of the 18th Convention, delegates voted on Convention Resolutions, and elected the 2017-2020 CIU National Executive, Human Rights Representative, Young Workers Representative, and Alternates:

  • National President Jean-Pierre Fortin (acclaimed)
  • 1st National Vice-President Mark Weber (acclaimed)
  • 2nd National Vice-President Chantal Rajotte (elected)
  • 3rd National Vice-President Joey Dunphy (elected)
  • 4th National Vice-President Richard Savage (elected)
  • National Human Rights Representative Murray Star (acclaimed)
  • Alternate National Human Rights Representative Insa Fall (acclaimed)
  • National Young Workers Representative Andrew Wiersema (acclaimed)
  • Alternate National Young Workers Representative André Beaulieu (acclaimed)

Photo, from left to right: André Beaulieu, Andrew Wiersema, Richard Savage, Chantal Rajotte, Jean-Pierre Fortin, Mark Weber, Joey Dunphy, Murray Star, Insa Fall.

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