Members Hold Rally in Halifax

January 19, 2018
Picture of a demo in Halifax stating "We keep Canada's borders safe. We deserve to be treated fairly"

Members of the CIU Nova Scotia Branch rallied in Halifax early this morning, bringing attention once more to the importance of the work performed by the front-line men and women who keep our country’s borders safe, and deserve fair treatment.

“Our members act as Canada’s first line of defense,” said CIU 3rd National VP Joey Dunphy. “Every day, Border Services personnel stop drugs and weapons from entering the country. They apprehend criminals, and they help protect our communities. In short, they perform the same work as other law enforcement personnel, and it is high time that they be recognized as such.”

After 3.5 years of bargaining, the employer is still pushing for concessions that devalues the work members of the FB Group perform on behalf of all Canadians, and continues to refuse to provide parity with other law enforcement agencies.

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