Border Services (FB) Agreement Signed

July 3, 2018
Stock photo of signature with the words "FB Group: Collective Agreement Signed"

Today, the Treasury Board signed our new collective agreement for the Border Services (FB) group.

Now that the collective agreement has been signed, all the provisions of the agreement are in effect and CBSA has a maximum of 150 days from the date of signing to adjust employees’ wages and pay out retroactive payments.

Download the PDF version of the collective agreement.

A version of this article was posted on the PSAC website.

Photo of the FB Bargainin Team

The FB Bargaining Team, from left to right: Chris Aylward (PSAC National President), Morgan Gay (PSAC National Negotiator), Lauren Baert (BSO, Sarnia, ON), Charles Khoury (Senior Program Officer, HQ), Brea Lewis (BSO, Willow Creek, SK), Richard Sutcliffe (Inland Enforcement, Toronto, ON), Diane Lacombe (BSO, Trudeau Airport, Montreal), David-Alexandre Leblanc (PSAC Senior Research Officer), Joey Dunphy (BSO, Edmundston, NB), Dave VanHelvert (BSO, Fort Erie, ON), Jean-Pierre Fortin (CIU National President, BSO, Clarenceville, QC) (Absent – Brett Evans, BSO, Halifax Marine, NS).

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