FB Bargaining: Definition of years of service will remain the same

March 5, 2019
Photo of a BSO giving back a passport to a traveller - Photo d'une ASF redonnant un passeport à un voyageur

A majority of PSAC-Customs and Immigration Union (PSAC-CIU) members voted to keep the existing definition of years of service in the collective agreement. As a result, the Border Services (FB) bargaining team will not be seeking any changes to the years of service definition.

Online and telephone voting was held between February 18 and March 1.

Due to the unprecedented nature of this vote, and given that it is not a ratification vote governed by Regulation 15, PSAC-CIU is releasing a breakdown of the vote:

Options Votes Share (%)
1 — I support the Union taking the position in negotiations that the definition of years of service (seniority) should be changed to include time in the Canadian Forces as defined in Article 34.03 a) ii) for all areas of the collective agreement where years of service is applied. 816 40.5
2 —  I support leaving the definition of service as it is currently defined in the collective agreement. 1,197 59.5
Total 2,013 100

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