CIU members rally in Windsor

December 18, 2019
Rally in Windsor

More than 100 CIU members marched in Windsor on Monday December 16 to call upon the government to bargain fairly. National President Jean-Pierre Fortin was present, sending a strong message to the employer: “We want respect, we want to have a good contract and we want it as soon as possible”.

This display of solidarity by CIU members and allies is just a taste of what’s to come in 2020: We intend to hold the employer’s feet to the fire and fight for a fair contract – from coast to coast to coast.

Our PSAC-CIU FB group bargaining team is returning to the table in January 2020 and is ready to keep fighting, be it for better protections from CBSA management, improved work-life balance, a fairer medical note policy, paid firearm practice time, and more. The union is also advocating for 25-and-out to be implemented: FB members are law enforcement, and they deserve the same treatment as other law enforcement agencies.

Photos: Paul Thibodeau

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