Members rally in Saint John

January 9, 2020
Photo of a border services officer with the words bargaining - FB group

CIU members kicked off the New Year by rallying in Saint John, NB, in support of the FB bargaining team. The rally, which took place on January 7, 2020, followed a meeting with Wayne Long, MP for Saint John-Rothesay. The PSAC-CIU bargaining team representing FB (Border Services) personnel is returning to the bargaining table later this month.

We deserve a fair contract

CIU’s 3rd National Vice-President, Joey Dunphy, was present at the rally and highlighted that the union is fighting for better protections for members from CBSA management, improved work-life balance, and a streamlined grievance process. We’re also calling for a “25 and out” pension reform, where employees would have the option to retire after 25 years of service without penalty, as is the case for other law enforcement agencies.

Other key issues at the table are pay parity for the FB-02 classification as well as stronger job security provisions.

The year is just getting started – as leaders in the representation of law enforcement personnel at the federal level, PSAC and CIU will continue to hold the employer’s feet to the fire to get the contract their members need!

CIU members rallying in MonctonPhoto: Monique Laplante

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