COVID-19: Health and Safety update

April 9, 2020
Image of border crossing with the words "COVID-19"

We are pleased to see the great work being done across the country by our Union representatives, Health and Safety committees, and most of all our members, who continue to provide critical services for all Canadians.

We have now had 19 CBSA employees test positive to COVID-19, a number far greater than what we expected to see, and one that we must do all we can to stop from growing.

Included here are some points that Branches and your workplace Health and Safety representatives are currently working on. Adhering to the hierarchy of preventative measures established in Part 122.2 of the Canada Labour Code Purpose of Part is the law, and we must ensure that it is being applied.

Guiding principles to keep in mind


  • Have the least number of people possible on shift;
  • Where possible, have days off work be scheduled consecutively to allow for greater self isolation;
  • Try to limit overlapping shifts, so that members come in contact with the least number of coworkers possible;
  • Where possible, have members consistently work with the same coworkers. This will help should any member test positive, and will assist the Public Health Agency in identifying close contact.

Other issues:

  • For telework, ensure that all safety factors are considered when members must attend the workplace to gather files/computer equipment, etc.;
  • Ensure that members performing non critical work are not being forced to remain in the workplace;
  • Ensure that vulnerable employees are not forced to attend the workplace;
  • Ensure that we participate in establishing where and how plexiglass is being installed in the workplace;
  • Review and ensure that the cleaning guidelines for radios is being followed (especially if radios must be shared);
  • Review and ensure that the cleaning guidelines for cars is being followed;
  • Ensure that the donning and doffing guidelines for N95 and surgical masks is being read and followed by members;
  • Explore having cleaning/disinfecting equipment made available in the workplace.

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