2021 Branch Elections — Elections Kit, Documents, and Important Dates

April 7, 2021
Image of a ballot box with the words 2020 Branch Elections

The 2021 Branch Elections Kit is now available.

Note: Due to COVID-19, the Branch Elections originally scheduled for 2020 will take place during summer 2021, and will be conducted electronically (further details regarding the voting process to come). The 2021 election timetable and documents have been established following the requirements set out in Rule 12 of the CIU Branch Rules. Where necessary, modifications have been made in conformity with the motion passed on April 28, 2020, by the PSAC National Board of Directors, conferring onto Components the authority to temporarily adjust legal timelines to meet challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is worth noting that, while unlikely, further revisions may still be necessary to accomodate a still generally fluid situation.

For more information on the branch electoral process, please see the CIU Branch Rules, write to us at elections@ciu-sdi.ca or contact your Branch President.

Important Documents & Other Information

Individual Forms

These form are all available in the Branch Elections Kit, but are provided individually for your convenience — some forms are intended for the Branch Executive and/or the Branch Nominations Elections Committee (NEC) exclusively.

All PDF forms are available in either print (non-interactive) or fillable (interactive) format (both formats can be printed if need be. The interactive format is optimized for Adobe Acrobat but should work with other PDF readers as well).

Important Dates

The Outgoing Branch Executive must appoint the Chair and the Secretary of the Branch’s NEC (and notify the National Office of these appointments) by June 2, 2021. The NEC will then be tasked with overseeing the Branch electoral process.

Electoral Timetable (overview)

  • Nominations period: July 12 to 18 (midnight local time)
  • Campaigning period: July 19 to 25 (midnight local time)
  • Voting period: July 26 to August 15 (5 p.m. local time)
  • Counting ballots: August 15 (5 p.m. local time)
  • Results posted on National CIU website: August 16
  • Please note that this is an overview of important dates. See the Elections Timetable (also included in the Branch Elections Kit) for the full schedule.

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