National Representatives

Jean-Pierre Fortin, National President

Jean-Pierre Fortin began his career in 1982 as a Customs Inspector with Revenue Canada, at first in St-Armand, then in Noyan, and later on in Clarenceville, Quebec. This particular area of the province is still considered “home”.

It was in 1987, as a member of the Eastern Townships District Branch, that Brother Fortin first became a union representative.  Initially, he was elected Treasurer, then 2nd Vice-President and in 1996, President.  He remained Branch President until he was elected, in March 2003, to the National Executive as CIU’s 4th National Vice-President.

At the CIU National Conventions of October 2005 and October 2008, Brother Fortin was elected 1st National Vice-President.  As such, he was responsible for operations at the National Office and in 2009, negotiated the collective agreement for National Office employees.  He was also the Chair of two National Board of Directors standing committees:  Border Security and Finance.

At its October 2011 and 2014 National Conventions and by acclamation, the CIU elected Brother Fortin its National President.

A strong leader whose wealth of experience was gained at all levels of the organization, Jean-Pierre Fortin is determined to continue fighting for the CIU, its members and their rights.

Mark Weber, First National Vice-President

Mark Weber began his career in 2003 as a Customs Inspector at Pearson International Airport in Toronto and in 2011, became the President of Local 024 in Toronto. Through their Local website and bi weekly newsletters, Mark was able to keep this large Local informed and mobilized. He also made great strides engaging young workers, laying the groundwork for the future of this Union. Brother Weber comes from a family of ardent Unionists and brings a strong belief in the greater labour movement to his new role as 1st National VP.

Brother Weber now Chairs the Policy Health and Safety Committee and Union/Management Relations Group. As we enter a period of unparalleled attacks on Unions, Mark is eager to defend and extend the rights our Union Sisters and Brothers sacrificed so much to achieve.

Brea Lewis, Second National Vice-President

Brea Lewis started her public service career in 1999 as an inspector for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in Lethbridge, Alberta. In 2005 she became an active member of the Agriculture Union, Local 30048. She was initially a Steward and, as opportunities presented themselves, became the local Vice-President, Alternate Regional Vice President for Alberta South Agriculture Union and the founding President of the Lethbridge Area Council. She was also elected to two consecutive CFIA Bargaining Teams.

In June 2008, after attending CBSA College in Rigaud, Quebec, Sister Lewis changed careers and moved her family to Eastend, Saskatchewan, where she was born and raised. She began her career as a Border Services Officer in Willow Creek, where she is stationed today. Shortly after joining CBSA, she became a CIU Saskatchewan Branch Steward and later that year was acclaimed its 1st Vice-President. In the spring of 2009, she assumed the duties of acting Branch President and in the fall of that year was acclaimed Branch President. Sister Lewis was elected to the FB Bargaining Team in 2011 and in 2014. Her dedication to the Labour Movement was recognized in 2014 when she was awarded the PSAC Prairie Voice Award for Labour.

Brea has a strong work ethic and believes in teamwork and in building alliances. She respects and upholds union principles for the betterment of the entire labour movement.

André Beaulieu, Third National Vice-President

A proud member of the New Brunswick and PEI Branch, Andre Beaulieu first joined CBSA in May 2007 as a student in his home town of Grand Falls, New Brunswick.  In 2009, he received his training in Rigaud and after completing the program was assigned to a position at the Woodstock, N.B. Port of Entry where he continues to work today.  Brother Beaulieu has a wide range of operational experience within CBSA from Traffic, Commercial, Immigration and Inland Immigration Enforcement.

In June 2011, he was elected Director for Young Workersfor the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)Atlantic Region.  During this three-year term, he was also a member of the PSAC Atlantic Finance Committee and the Chair of the Education Committee.

At the CIU convention later that year, Brother Beaulieu was elected as the first ever National Youth Representative of the CIU.

In 2012, Brother Beaulieu was appointed by the PSAC as one of its two Representatives to the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Youth Advisory Committee.  At the CLC Convention in 2014, he was elected Alternate Young Workers Vice-President and Co-Chair of the Youth Advisory Committee.  Following this CLC election, the PSAC renewed Brother Beaulieu’s appointment as a Representative to the CLC.

Brother Beaulieu was elected  3rd National Vice President of CIU in October, 2014.  As such, he will Chair the following committees: Standing Finance, Border Security and FB-02.  He will also be responsible for the Uniforms and Technological Change portfolios.

Brother Beaulieu understands the realities and challenges of the workplace.  He is determined to fight for justice and to improve the working conditions of his CIU Sisters and Brothers.

Chantal Rajotte, Fourth National Vice-President

With over seven years experience as a union activist, Chantal Rajotte climbed the Customs and Immigration Union ladder within the Headquarters Branch Executive.  She consecutively held the positions of  3rd, 2nd and 1st Vice-President until elected President of the Branch in May 16, 2013, a position she held until October 5th, 2014, when she was elected 4th National Vice-President.

Sister Rajotte has an extensive background in social activism.  Her cooperative approach in her dealings with management results in an effective and successful representation of members.  She is a member of the Program and Administration (PA) unit and as such, is fully aware of the issues that are unique to this group and are of concern to her fellow unit members.

While President of the Headquarters Branch, she chaired the Occupational Health and Safety Committee (OSH) and the Collective Bargaining Committee.  Also active in organizations in her community, she is the President of the Conseil régional d’action politique de l’Outaouais (CRAPO) and is a member of the executive of the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s Regional Council for the National Capital Region.  In addition, she is also a member of the Comité régional des femmes francophones de la RCN.

As ever, Chantal remains focused on the needs of CIU members and their concerns and her objective is to continue to serve them faithfully and to fight for their rights.

STAR, Murray @ 2014-10-05

Murray Star, Equal Opportunity Representative

Murray Star joined Customs in February 1990, at a time when Customs was part of Revenue Canada. He was hired as a Customs Inspector at Pearson International Airport. In 1995, he became involved with the Toronto Branch Local 24, first as a steward and later as an executive steward. It was at this time that his passion for Human Rights was ignited.

Murray’s knowledge was shaped during a four-year battle for religious accommodation, a fight he won through Human Rights. As a result of this victory, all CBSA employees now have the right to meet their religious obligations without fear.

Brother Star assisted Sister Fiona Johnstone in the course of her long fight for family accommodation that would take her through a Human Rights Tribunal and Appeals Court. Justice finally prevailed and he is proud to have been a witness in this groundbreaking case.

In 2011, Murray was elected 2nd Vice-President of the CIU Toronto Branch, where he was responsible for accommodations and human rights.

Murray Star has a passion for protecting and expanding members’ rights. He is committed to defending the interests of CIU and all of its members.


Lauren Baert, Youth Representative

Lauren Baert was elected National Youth Representative at the 17th National Convention of the Customs and Immigration Union.

Sister Baert is a an armed Border Services Officer who works at the Sarnia, Ontario port of entry.  She started as a student BSO in 2005, was hired indeterminately in 2010 and has worked in the traveler, highway commercial, immigration streams as well as the Nexus/Fast office.

Before being elected National Youth Representative, Lauren was involved at the Local level, initially as the Sarnia Branch Youth Representative and later, as its V.P., Communications.  She was appointed to the FB Bargaining Team in 2014.

Lauren also sits on the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s Ontario Council as the Young Worker Representative.  Over the next three years, she will make it a priority to meet and network with as many CIU youth representatives as possible so as to examine the issues that affect our union’s young members.  She looks forward to these meetings and regards these discussions as vital for the future of our union