Any changes in sick leave must be negotiated

May 2, 2014

Recently CBSA sent an email notice to employees at CBSA promoting a “Workplace Wellness and Productivity Strategy for federal government employees”. This notice promoted a new employer strategy for managing sick leave and long-term disability across the federal public service, but it failed to mention one very important fact: this new strategy has not been negotiated with our union.

PSAC and CIU have not agreed to the employer’s strategy. The current sick leave and disability systems remain in place. No changes have been made to our collective agreement.

Any modification to the current sick leave system must be negotiated with our union. Changes cannot be unilaterally imposed by the employer – no matter how badly they may wish to do so. And the national leadership of both PSAC and CIU have stated that we will be fighting to defend our sick leave provisions in the coming round of bargaining.

Negotiations have yet to begin between PSAC and Treasury Board. CBSA is once again spreading misinformation.   We are consulting our legal counsel to determine if additional legal action may be taken against CBSA for this latest communication.

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