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PSAC National Convention Passes Firearm Resolution

On Wednesday April 29, delegates attending the 2015 PSAC National Triennial Convention passed a resolution ensuring that all PSAC members who are required to carry firearms will have quick access to union-paid legal counsel if they use their firearm and/or other defense tools in the course of their duties.

This means that CIU members who are armed – Border Services Officers, Inland Enforcement Officers, Investigations Officers and Firearm Trainers – will be provided with protection that is vital given the work that they do.

The resolution also applies to other PSAC-represented law enforcement personnel, such as Fisheries Officers, Park Wardens and Wildlife Officers.

CIU thanks all PSAC delegates at the convention in Quebec City for supporting their Sisters and Brothers whose job is to enforce the law.

Further information and directives will be communicated to members as soon as these are available.

PSAC Convention Emergency Resolution Passes Unanimously

PSAC convention delegates meeting this week in Quebec City have wholeheartedly adopted an emergency resolution that mandates the union to: oppose government actions that will compromise any of our members’ rights; continue organizing and mobilizing our members through concerted and strategic actions with other unions to defend our bargaining rights; take the necessary legal action to defend our constitutional right to free collective bargaining; and work to elect a federal government that respects worker and union rights and federal public services, and that governs for the benefit of all Canadian workers.

For additional information, please visit:  PSAC National Triennial Convention

FB Group Calls for Pension Commitment in Bargaining

“Twenty-five and out” plan raised at bargaining table and in Pension Advisory Committee.

Employees in the FB bargaining unit are law enforcement personnel. We are subject to the same rigorous employment standards as other law enforcement workers in Canada and we enforce dozens of laws and international trade agreements. Yet we do not have access to a retirement regime that reflects the work that we do.

Pension commitment

While pension modification is not subject to collective bargaining under the law, we reiterated our demand in bargaining this week to get a written commitment from CBSA and Treasury Board that they will support an early retirement regime consistent with what is in place for other federal law enforcement personnel.

PSAC National President Robyn Benson has placed the need for pension reform for PSAC-represented CBSA employees and National Defence firefighters on the agenda for the Public Service Pension Advisory Committee. CIU National President Jean-Pierre Fortin has also raised the issue directly with Minister Blaney. We will continue to push this initiative at all levels.

Other improvements

This week, we tabled our proposal to enhance legal indemnification rights for FB workers, ensuring that union members would be legally protected in the event that members of the public take legal action against an employee for performing their duties. Given our recent experiences, we told CBSA that we do not trust CBSA management and better protections are required.

We also discussed:

  • our proposal for new protections for officers getting “H”ed on designated paid holidays
  • our proposal to improve access to telework for non-uniformed officers
  • CBSA’s roll out of a new system for uniform allotment
  • issues related to inland enforcement

Progress made on Mental Health front

The PSAC successfully reached a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) this session with Treasury Board concerning a joint task force do address mental health in the workplace. For more information on the MOU, visit:

We are meeting again in May. For more information and to see our proposals and those of  the employer, visit


PSAC young workers craft vision for the future

Eight young workers from across the country participated in PSAC’s first National Young Worker Committee meeting in Ottawa on January 10 and 11, 2015. They spent time creating a three-year plan of action – focusing on ways to make young workers a more prominent and vocal part of the Alliance.

Sister Lauren Baert, CIU National Youth Representative (third from the right), was one of the participants: “It’s amazing to see how much we can all flourish as leaders when we sit down and collaborate. To say that our meeting was encouraging and empowering doesn’t even do it justice. We are the future of this union and we must band together.”

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