Branch Elections — Information about the electronic voting process

July 23, 2021
Image of a ballot box with the words 2020 Branch Elections

Starting July 26, CIU members in good standing — located in Branches where elections are taking place for one or more positions, as part of this year’s Branch Elections — will have the opportunity to vote electronically. Please see below for more information regarding the voting process.

Please note: If elections are not taking place for a specific position, this means the position as been filled by acclamation. 

For more information about Branch Elections in general, see the following page.

Some useful information about the electronic voting process

  • Elections for one or more positions are taking place in the following Branches:
    • Windsor (00018)
    • Toronto (00024)
    • Northern Ontario (00026)
    • Vancouver (20040)
    • BC Southern (20045)
    • Saskatchewan (40031)
    • Eastern Ontario (70027)
  • Positions being elected vary depending on the Branch. Please see the following page for details on which positions are subject to an election in each Branch (look for the ‘Election ongoing’ tag).
  • We’ve partnered with Intelivote to oversee the voting process.
  • Starting on July 23 in the evening, and over the next few days, members in good standing belonging to a Branch where elections are taking place will receive an email from Intelivote with instructions on how to vote. If a member’s email address is not on file, then the member can expect to receive a letter by mail in the coming weeks.
    • Members from a Branch where elections are taking place who have not received an email or a letter from Intelivote by August 8, and who believe they should be able to vote, should write to
    • Members from a Branch where elections are not taking place, but who receive an invitation to vote, should disregard the invitation and write to to report the issue.
  • Members will be provided with a PIN, which they’ll need to vote either online or by phone. Details (PIN, web address and phone number) will be included in the email/letter from Intelivote.
  • Voting will open at 9 a.m. ET on July 26, and close at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT) on August 15, 2021​
  • Members will only be able to vote in elections taking place within their Branch.

Questions and assistance requests regarding the elections should be directed to

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