CIU National Board of Directors expresses solidarity with CUPE NB members

October 29, 2021

Members of the CIU National Board of Directors, gathered this week in Ottawa, wish to express the full extent of their support for the CUPE New Brunswick members who have begun province-wide job action earlier today, after talks broke down with the provincial government.

To our CUPE NB Sisters and Brothers, we say: Solidarity! From one union to another, we are proud to see workers push back against austerity and the disrespect shown by the New Brunswick government. We truly admire your dedication and perseverance.

As we ourselves saw first-hand with our work-to-rule mobilization on August 6, the power of collective action is truly tremendous — it remains one of the most effective avenues for workers to bargain on an equal footing with the employer, and fight back against attempts to obtain concessions and erode their rights.

For more information regarding the ongoing CUPE NB labour dispute, see the CUPE NB website, as well as this opinion piece by Stephen Drost, President of CUPE New Brunswick.

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