NJC Group Grievance – Wearing of Name Tags

November 21, 2019
Photo of BSO with words "Name tags NJC group grievance" along with a name tag with the word "target" on it

As we’ve pointed out before, CBSA’s name tag policy continues to foster a dangerous work environment for our members, having already brought much harm since it was put in place 7 years ago.

In our continued efforts to bring an end to this ill-conceived policy, CIU is moving forward with a National Joint Council Group Grievance, arguing that the employer’s decision to mandate the wearing of name tags is in contravention of Part XIV of the NJC’s Uniforms Directive.

As part of the Group Grievance, all CIU Branches will be collecting signatures from members who are affected by the policy, using the FPSLREB’s Form 19 – Consent of aggrieved employees to the presentation of a group grievance. This is what the form looks like:

Sample form 19 for group grievanceIt is crucial that all who wear a name tag sign this Group Grievance, so talk to your Branch President or your local Steward to participate, or for any questions you may have.

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