2023 wildfires: CIU donates $1,000 to Canadian Red Cross

May 19, 2023
Photo of CIU flag

In light of the severe impact of ongoing wildfires on several communities across the country, the CIU National Executive has elected to make a $1,000 donation to the Canadian Red Cross.

The fires have resulted in a state of emergency being declared in Alberta and are also affecting a number of locations in other provinces and in the Northwest Territories. It is the union’s hope that this contribution will be of some help to those facing hardships and challenges in the wake of the wildfires.

To all who have been impacted by this crisis, know that you are in our thoughts. We also wish to extend our gratitude and support to all firefighters, other first responders, and volunteers currently hard at work. While we cannot stand with you in person, we do so in spirit.

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