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19th National Convention — Last Day

2021 CIU Convention Banner

On the last day of the 19th Convention, delegates voted on Convention Resolutions, and elected the new CIU National Executive, Human Rights Representative, Young Workers Representative, and Alternates:

  • National President Mark Weber (elected)
  • 1st National Vice-President Rick Savage (elected)
  • 2nd National Vice-President Ken Turner (elected)
  • 3rd National Vice-President Claude Bouchard (acclaimed)
  • 4th National Vice-President Michael Aessie (elected)
  • National Human Rights Representative Murray Star (acclaimed)
  • Alternate National Human Rights Representative Sophie Martin (elected)
  • National Young Workers Representative Yanniv Waknine (acclaimed)
  • Alternate National Young Workers Representative Sandra Richard (acclaimed)

Larry Rousseau overseeing the elections of the new CIU National Executive and National Representatives & Alternates.

Outgoing National President Jean-Pierre Fortin chairing the last day of the 19th National Convention.

Swearing in of new the nine new representatives

Jean-Pierre Fortin swearing in the new national representatives. From left to right, top: Ken Turner, Michael Aessie, Sandra Richard. Left to right, middle: Murray Star, Richard Savage, Yanniv Waknine. Left to right, bottom: Sophie Martin, Mark Weber, Claude Bouchard.

19th National Convention – July 8, 9 and 10, 2021

2021 CIU Convention Banner

The National Convention, which is the supreme governing body of our Union, is held once every three years and provides an opportunity for all CIU members to become involved in the operation and future of their Union. Although the Convention initially planned for October 2020 had to be postponed, we are pleased to announce that the event has been rescheduled to July 2021. Given the pandemic, the event will be held virtually.

We invite you to see the following documents for more information: