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FB bargaining team pushes for ’25 and out’ retirement, rejects concessions at table

Our PSAC-CIU bargaining team representing the Border Services (FB) group rejected concessions to job security and again pushed for ’25 and out’ retirement during negotiations with Treasury Board/Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) the week of June 10.

Our bargaining team is frustrated that the employer is still unwilling to make meaningful progress on a number of core issues, including fairly compensating new officers (FB-02s), ’25 and out’ retirement and revamping the grievance procedure.

Pension Reform

We have made considerable progress over the past two rounds in our fight for parity with the broader law enforcement community. This week, we reiterated the need for pension reform for union members in the FB group. We are demanding a commitment from Treasury Board in support of pension reform. PSAC-CIU will also be undertaking other initiatives to push pension reform for the FB group during the coming election campaign.

Job Security

Treasury Board has made proposals to undermine the job security language in our contract contained in the Workforce Adjustment Appendix. We rejected the employer’s proposal and instead reiterated our proposals to enhance protections for union members.

We also raised the issue of students being used to undermine our work and public safety. We have made proposals to deal with student-related issues in the workplace.

Grievance Procedure

We’ve tabled demands to streamline the grievance process. There is no need to meet with Chiefs and Superintendents if Ottawa is making the decisions. We should be dealing with the source.

Fairly compensate new officers (FB-02s)

We again stated that Border Services Officers (BSOs), upon completion of their training at Rigaud, should be made FB-03s and compensated accordingly. The FB-02 classification is being used to exploit new officers. They wear the badge. They wear the uniform. They make the decisions. They deserve to be paid and treated accordingly.


After years of raising the issue of telework access for Trade Compliance Officers and other non-uniformed staff, the CBSA has announced a policy on telework. However, its application is unclear. We reiterated the need for there to be language in the contract on this issue.

We are scheduled to return to the bargaining table July 30 to August 1.

To review the package of proposals that we tabled and those of the employer, go to psacunion.ca/fb. We’ll be sure to provide updates as bargaining progresses.

The original version of this article was first posted on the PSAC website.

Push continues for ’25 and Out’ Retirement Plan: Campaign for pension reform underway on several fronts

FB Bargaining

Last month, the Public Service Pension Advisory Committee (PSPAC) met to discuss retirement-related issues in the public service. The PSPAC is the body that provides input concerning the managing of public service pension funds. It includes several unions and Treasury Board representatives.

In the meeting the PSAC successfully pushed to have early retirement reform for Border Services employees and Department of Defence Firefighters (also PSAC members) prioritized to be addressed by the committee. Dates for follow-up meetings have not yet been set.

In a recent meeting with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, CIU National President Jean-Pierre Fortin raised the need for there to be pension reform for CIU-PSAC members working at CBSA. The same message was communicated in a recent meeting with newly-named CBSA President Linda Lizotte-MacPherson.

PSAC National President Robyn Benson and Jean-Pierre Fortin also spoke recently with Treasury Board President Scott Brison to impress upon the government the importance of this issue to our union and membership.

At the bargaining table, our FB Bargaining Team continues to push for a commitment from CBSA and Treasury Board in support of an early retirement regime for CBSA employees. In light of the work that we do, and the employer’s legal duty to accommodate, we believe that such a retirement arrangement is not only in the interest of employees of the FB group, but also the Agency.

We call on CBSA and the Treasury Board to support the amending of our pension plan so that we might have access to the same retirement benefit as other federal workers who are required to maintain similar physical standards. It’s in the best interests of everyone involved – union members, the government and CBSA.

We’ll be sure to provide update as things progress. For more information, contact your Branch President or go to ciu-sdi.ca or psacunion.ca/employer/fb-group.

Download the PDF version of this update (bilingual document).

National Board of Directors Meeting: CIU Highlights the Importance of “25 & Out”

NBoD 2016 Group Photo

During last week’s National Board of Directors meeting in Ottawa, CIU reiterated its commitment to push for a ’25 & Out’ agreement at the bargaining table. The union also elaborated on its plans to implement the resolution that was carried at the 2015 PSAC National Triennial Convention wherein members who are required to carry a firearm will be provided with independent legal counsel 24/7 in the event that they are involved with discharging their firearm. Members can expect to receive information related to this CIU/PSAC initiative in June 2016.

CIU is also planning to add new features to its national website, including information on Variable Shift Schedule Arrangements in order to facilitate the implementation of such arrangements for the different branches.