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Celebrating August 6

Photo of CIU flag

The second anniversary of our historic mobilization on August 6, 2021, is fast approaching. This momentous day for our union is a time for celebration and solidarity, and presents all CIU members with the opportunity to reflect on our joint achievements and victories. As bargaining and the fight for a fair contract ramps up for the FB group in the wake of the recent Treasury Board strike, it is also the occasion to come together and consider how to best build on the foundations we’ve laid.

To mark the day, your Branch may be planning activities (on or around August 6), so make sure to check with your Branch President for more details.

August 6 commemorative t-shirts

This year, we’re also making it easier for CIU members to show the employer they remember August 6 and are ready to fight for their rights when the time comes. T-shirts with a special commemorative message are currently being distributed to CIU Branches across the country, and will be available (while quantities last) as a gift to any member who wish to display their pride in this important victory. Talk to your Branch President for more information.

FB bargaining: Show your support for the team on February 2

Have you ever felt stuck in a loop? Our FB bargaining team knows the feeling all too well. As mobilization ramps up for this round of bargaining, it’s becoming increasingly clear that CBSA has little more to offer than a Groundhog Day-type scenario, with the same inconsiderate proposals and attitudes we’ve already seen countless times.

That’s why we’re asking you to show support for our team on Thursday, February 2, by wearing stickers and swag. To mark the day, PSAC-CIU has prepared “Remember August 6” and “I support fair bargaining for all” stickers as a reminder to the employer that we’re serious about our demands, are focused on getting a fair deal for members, and won’t go another three years without a contract.

The unprecedented work-to-rule action by FB members across Canada on August 6, 2021, caused major delays at the borders and showed the strength of workers when we work together. That pressure ultimately led to a strong new collective agreement That’s why we’re mobilizing early, to remind the employer what we’re capable of, and we need your support.

Here’s what you can do:

Please contact your branch president or your PSAC regional office to request the new stickers. You can also wear any PSAC-CIU swag you have at home and download our virtual background and signature block to use throughout bargaining.

This round of negotiations, so far 

This round of bargaining kicked off in June 2022 with our continued push for an early retirement regime comparable to other law enforcement agencies, which complements the work PSAC is doing with the Public Service Pension Advisory Committee.

The team is also focusing on other key issues this round, like entrenching the ability to grieve access to telework in the collective agreement for non-uniformed FBs; job protections in the context of new technologies, contract workers, and student use; and new rights with respect to discipline and protections against forced overtime to address CBSA’s heavy-handed management style.

Meanwhile, we’re closely watching the 120,000 PSAC members working for Treasury Board in the PA, SV, TC, and EB groups as they move forward with strike votes. Many of these members are in our workplaces supporting FB members daily and were there when we needed them on August 6. Now it’s our turn to be there for them!

We’re also mindful that what happens at those tables, and with the 35,000 PSAC-UTE members working for the Canada Revenue Agency who are taking strike votes, will inevitably influence our negotiations, so it’s important we support their efforts. We’re all in this together.

Read our bargaining proposals below, and please keep your contact information up to date to receive all the latest updates.

Yes, you can wear union swag on the job 

Everything PSAC-CIU members do in the workplace to show employers we are paying attention to the issues and support our bargaining teams – no matter how big or small – makes a difference as we push for a fair contract.

Learn more about your rights in the workplace and refer to past rulings from the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB) that reinforced our rights to represent the union in the workplace.

A 2018 FPSLREB ruling found CBSA’s arbitrary ban on wearing orange “I support my bargaining team” shoelaces anywhere except boots to be an unfair labour practice and a violation of the collective agreement. The judgment guaranteed members’ rights to wear these shoelaces as hair ties or bracelets, should they choose to do so. Another FPSLREB ruling from 2012 protected members’ rights to wear red “support the bargaining team” bracelets while on duty and rejected the claim that it was a violation of the uniform policy.

If management interferes with these rights or discourages you from exercising them, alert your branch president or your PSAC regional office right away.

This article was first posted on the PSAC website.

August 6: A time for solidarity

Photo of CIU flag

August 6, 2021, marked a historical moment for our union and for the Canadian labour movement at large when FB members mobilized from coast to coast to coast, successfully bringing to a close a long and protracted bargaining round. Through this display of solidarity — one of the most fruitful in recent Canadian labour history — our members showed just how powerful we can be when we come together and act as one in the face of adversity.

As the anniversary of this important moment approaches, FB members once again find themselves at the early stage of the bargaining process for a new collective agreement, preparing for another round where key protections will have to be fought for and defended. At the same time, following Treasury Board’s insulting wage proposal and unacceptable concession demands, our members from the PA, TC, SV and EB tables have reached impasse in their own negotiations, and are now awaiting the proceedings of the Public Interest Commission, moving closer to being in a legal strike position.

As this unfolds, it is important to remember that we do not bargain in a vacuum. Many of the concessions sought by Treasury Board for the PA, TC, SV and EB tables will have a broader impact beyond this round of bargaining — including for our FB members for whom the bargaining process is just beginning.

Victories are most effective when they act as a foundation to be built upon. In that spirit, let August 6 serve as a springboard for us to support ongoing efforts to push back against Treasury Board’s concession demands, in a demonstration of solidarity with all members — both within CIU and outside CIU — from the PA, TC, SV and EB groups.

No gesture is too small. On the first anniversary date of the August 6 FB mobilization and for the week following, Branch executives are encouraged to plan activities appropriate for their work location in solidarity with other Treasury Board tables. Members should reach out to their Branch President to discuss ideas and ways to express support for ongoing bargaining efforts. Branch Presidents can contact their National Vice-President for more information.

United we bargain, divided we beg: On August 6 and beyond, let’s show that CIU members truly know the meaning of solidarity.

Mark Weber
National President
Customs and Immigration Union