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FB Group: Date Set for the Signature of the Collective Agreement

CIU Flag / Drapeau du SDI

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) has been pushing the Treasury Board to sign our new collective agreement for the Border Services (FB) group this month.  As of this morning, the Treasury Board has confirmed that the date of signature will be July 3, 2018.

Once the collective agreement is signed, all the provisions of the agreement will be in effect and CBSA will have a maximum of 150 days from the date of signing to adjust employees’ wages and pay out retroactive payments.

UPDATED – Vote on FB Group Tentative Agreement: What You Need to Know

Image of CIU flag with the words "FB Agreement Ratification Information"

As a CIU-PSAC member working for the Treasury Board – FB Group, you will be voting on a tentative agreement with your employer between April 16 and May 31, 2018.

If you wish to vote, you must ensure that you are a member in good standing and that the union has an up to date mailing address for you. If you have not done this yet, please update your information here. This vote will be conducted electronically, and we need to ensure that only those entitled receive the PIN number required to cast a vote.

Member in Good Standing

Due to a Phoenix pay system problem, members who ought to be in good standing have been rendered not in good standing because their dues have abruptly stopped (despite their continued employment). Unfortunately, it is impossible for Membership Administration to determine if dues have stopped due to a Phoenix glitch or if the member is on leave, retired, etc.

In order to properly determine voting entitlement for upcoming vote, it is imperative that members who are in good standing be correctly reflected as such. A new online form is now available whereby a member can request to remain in good standing in absence of union dues. The same form will serve for both members who are on leave from their substantive position and subject to the PSAC Constitution Section 4, Sub-Section (2) (a) to (k), and the members who have seen their dues cease because of a Phoenix problem.

Membership Administration will receive, process and respond to the Phoenix-related requests. The Executive Office will receive, process and respond to the non-Phoenix-related requests to remain in good standing as is the usual process under the PSAC Constitution.

If you have difficulty updating your information, contact your PSAC Regional Office.

If you updated your information with us, it’s two days before the scheduled information meeting and you still have not received a PIN for the vote, contact our Treasury Board – FB Group vote hotline: 1.833.223.2659.

Get the details on the agreement

As per PSAC Regulation 15, you must attend an informational session to be eligible to cast your vote. Attendance will be trackedand only those who attend will have their member profile updated on the eVoting system, enabling them to vote. PINS will become active 1 hour after the end of your meeting.

Find an in-person meeting:

  • Membership meetings will be held at in-person meetings in regions where there is a high concentration of members.
  • To find out when these meetings are taking place and how you can participate, please check your PSAC regional website (AtlanticBCNCRNorthOntario, Québec or Prairies) or contact your PSAC Regional Office.
  • We will also be posting information about upcoming meetings on the following page. Please check back regularly.

How to vote on the tentative agreement

You can vote on the tentative agreement by telephone or online. As stated above, you must attend an information session before voting.

  • Using the PIN that was sent to you by mail or e-mail, you can vote any time from April 16 at 8:00 am EST until 12:00 pm noon EST on May 31, 2018.
  • To vote online, go to http://www.fb.isivote.com and follow the instructions.
  • To vote by phone, call the voting phone number at 1.877.446.5146 and follow the instructions.
  • Please be aware that if you should be interrupted while voting, you may re-access the voting system to complete your voting.
  • This vote is a secret ballot. How you vote is entirely confidential.

If you have additional technical questions about the vote, contact the Intelivote’s Treasury Board – FB Group vote hotline: 1.888.281.8683.

If you have additional questions about the content of the tentative agreement or the process to vote that cannot be addressed by your regional office contact the PSAC Treasury Board – FB Group vote hotline at  1.833.223.2659.

For more information on the details of the tentative agreement, feel free to ask questions at the information session.

A version of this article was first posted on the PSAC website.

FB Bargaining: Tentative Agreement Details for FB-04s and FB-05s

Picture of the FB Bargaining Team with the words "tentative agreement reached!"

There have been a number of questions concerning what was achieved for FB-04s and FB-05s (including Intelligence Officers, Investigations Officers and Hearings Officers) in our recent settlement.

While the agreement itself will be available once fully translated, in terms of wage increases the following applies to FB-04s and -05s:

  • 1.25% each year from 2014 to 2017;
  • An additional $2,500 step to the maximum levels;
  • A further 2.3% market adjustment applicable to all steps and levels;
  • The roll-into salary of the harmonized Integrated Border Service Allowance ($1,750) into salary for all FB-04s and -05s;
  • Over the life of the agreement FB4 job rate will jump from the current $76,263 to $86,408 and FB5 will increase from the current $83,542 to $94,233. In both cases the overall increase to pensionable maximum salary will be well over ten thousand dollars.

These increases greatly exceed what was provided to personnel at other federal law agencies – including both  RCMP Constables and Corrections Officers – for the same time period. What’s more, as part of the 2009 conversion a number of jobs in both FB-04 and FB-05 received greater increases than FB-03s.

Our bargaining team is recommending ratification of the agreement. All members will have a vote and, as the voting process rolls out there will be ample opportunity for members to ask questions to bargaining team members and union representatives.

FB Bargaining: Tentative Agreement Reached – Unanimous Recommendation by Bargaining Team

Picture of the FB Bargaining Team with the words "tentative agreement reached!"

Today, our FB Bargaining Team reached a Tentative Agreement with the Treasury Board and CBSA for salary increases that greatly exceed those provided to all other federal law enforcement agencies for 2014-2018.

This significant victory came after four years of talks, two court challenges, a charter challenge, several unfair labour practice charges, the mobilization of thousands of members, two media campaigns and over a full week of non-stop negotiations.

The FB Bargaining Team unanimously recommends the ratification of this new agreement.

A full explanation of the new agreement, and a copy of the new language, will be provided over the coming weeks once it has been fully translated.

Highlights Of Our Tentative Agreement:

Duration of Agreement

The agreement is a four-year collective agreement with an expiration date of June 21, 2018.

Wage Settlement Details

  • For FB-03s our agreement provides for an overall pensionable increase of 17.5% to the job rate over 4 years.
  • By June 2017, FB-03 job rate is over $82,400.
    • Effective June 21, 2014 – Increase to rates of pay: 1.25%
    • Effective June 21, 2015 – Increase to rates of pay: 1.25%
    • Effective June 21, 2016 – Restructure (harmonize FB-03 pay scale to match top 4 steps of CX-02 pay scale)
    • Effective June 21, 2016 – Restructure (additional $2500 step to the maximum of FB-04 to FB-07 scales)
    • Effective June 21, 2016 – 2.3% market adjustment for all groups and levels
    • Effective June 21, 2016 – Non-Uniformed Officers Integrated Border Services Allowance from $1250 to $1750
    • Effective June 21, 2016 – Restructure (Roll-in of harmonized Integrated Border Services Allowance for Uniformed and Non-Uniformed Officers)
    • Effective June 21, 2016 – increase to rates of pay: 1.25%
    • Effective June 21, 2017 – increase to rates of pay: 1.25%
  • All increases are retroactive.

These increases in salary greatly exceed increases provided to all other federal law enforcement agencies for 2014-2018.


  • New protections ensuring Union representation in administrative and investigative meetings – this includes Professional Standards Investigations and Security Review Investigations.
  • New protections (consistent with RCMP) against employees being placed on investigatory leave without pay.
  • We also have a written commitment from Treasury Board that our union is to receive an official invite to consult on the Legal Indemnification Policy, consistent with the consultation that was conducted with the RCMP.

Other Items

  • New language that provides protections in the context on ‘H’ing.
  • Cash-out of compensatory time no longer at employer discretion.
  • New seniority rights for scheduling of part-time employees.
  • Requests for compressed work weeks can no longer be unreasonably denied.
  • New dog handler allowance consistent with what has been agreed to for other federal law enforcement personnel.
  • Increase of the overtime meal allowance from $10 to $12

Sick Leave

  • Our sick leave remains unchanged.
  • Any future enhancements to the regime would need to be negotiated and agreed to by both parties.

Other Notable Leave Improvements

  • Volunteer Day to be replaced with another Personal Day.
  • Expansion of the definition of family for whom an employee can access family-related responsibilities leave (FRRL) and the removal of the 7.5 hour cap on the use of FRRL for a number of situations.
  • The new Bereavement Leave Article includes an expansion of the definition of family and for the period of bereavement to be split into two installments. Leave for Personal Reason can now be taken in separate blocks

Workforce Adjustment Appendix

  • What we achieved represents the most significant improvements in workforce adjustment since it was first signed as an appendix into PSAC collective agreements in 1998.
  • Changes will reduce involuntary layoffs by allowing volunteers to come forward to leave the public service during times of workforce adjustment.
  • Employees will now have up to fifteen months to find an alternation match.
  • More union involvement, ensuring employees have the right to union representation during the process.
  • Improvements to the monetary provisions, including the education allowance and transition support measures.

These are only the highlights. More information will be forthcoming once we have all documentation translated.

There are no concessions in our new tentative agreement. That includes our rights provided for under Article 41 – Leave without pay for the care of family.

Again, our team unanimously recommends ratification of our new contract.

FB Bargaining Team / Équipe de négos FB

The FB Bargaining Team, from left to right: Chris Aylward (PSAC National Executive Vice-President), Morgan Gay (PSAC National Negotiator), Lauren Baert (BSO, Sarnia, ON), Charles Khoury (Senior Program Officer, HQ), Brea Lewis (BSO, Willow Creek, SK), Richard Sutcliffe (Inland Enforcement, Toronto, ON), Diane Lacombe (BSO, Trudeau Airport, Montreal), David-Alexandre Leblanc (PSAC Senior Research Officer), Joey Dunphy (BSO, Edmundston, NB), Dave VanHelvert (BSO, Fort Erie, ON), Jean-Pierre Fortin (CIU National President, BSO, Clarenceville, QC) (Absent – Brett Evans, BSO, Halifax Marine, NS).