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Fighting misinformation: A message from your National Executive

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Sisters & Brothers,

As you may know, the CSN (Confédération des syndicats nationaux), a union mostly active at the provincial level within Quebec, has been meeting with CIU members for some time in an attempt to raid the FB membership. Most recently, we know that CSN reps were in Branches such as Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, and Vancouver.

This is the same union that tried to raid the FB membership at the end of the last round of FB bargaining in 2018. While we know that CIU members will stand united, we take the CSN’s presence in our midst seriously. Raiding can have a negative impact on bargaining. Any sign of division within our ranks can jeopardize our leverage with the Employer and our chances of success at the bargaining table.

It should come as no surprise that CSN will say anything and everything to convince members to sign up, going as far as to circulate misinformation. In the next few days, we will be communicating with all FB members to set the record straight on issues such as:

  • CIU’s autonomy. Contrary to spurious claims, FB members would not be more autonomous under CSN. CIU manages its own affairs: We speak directly to the Employer (union-management relations), we take our lead from delegates attending our conventions, and we elect our own representatives.
  • Union dues. CSN’s union dues are approximately 2% of real wages – that’s $700 more per year in dues at the FB-03 level.
  • Fighting for the membership. Unlike other unions – including CSN – CIU and PSAC have not accepted the government’s offer on damages for the Phoenix Pay System. While the CSN settled for a me-too clause, we continue to fight for a better deal.

As mentioned above, keep an eye out for further communications from CIU in the weeks to come. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your union or regarding claims made by others, feel free to reach out and talk to your Branch President.

In solidarity,
The CIU National Executive