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Members Rally on February 14 at PAC Highway Border Crossing

Picture of a demo in PAC Highway stating "We keep Canada's borders safe. We deserve to be treated fairly"

CIU/PSAC members rallied near the PAC Highway border crossing on February 14, calling on the government to show Border Services personnel some love, treat them as law enforcement, and give them a fair contract. These men and women have been without a contract for over three and a half years – they protect Canadians every day, and deserve fair treatment.


Members Rally in Thunder Bay

Picture of a demo in Thunder Bay stating "We keep Canada's borders safe. We deserve to be treated fairly"

Our Sisters and Brothers from Thunder Bay and Pigeon River, in Ontario, picketed the CBSA office in Thunder Bay on Monday February 12, putting pressure on the employer to treat FB members fairly – as law enforcement officers.

These men and women protect Canadians every day. CBSA praises its members as law enforcement when it suits them in the media, while failing to address the need for parity with other law enforcement agencies at the bargaining table. That has to change – FB members deserve real respect.

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Non-Uniformed FB Members Rally in Ottawa

Picture of a demo in Ottawa stating "We keep Canada's borders safe. We deserve to be treated fairly"

Non-uniformed FB members from CIU Headquarters Branch 70066 rallied today in front of Vanier Towers in Ottawa, reminding Canadians of the importance of the work they perform as part of CBSA’s law enforcement operations.

Every day, they strengthen front-line activities and help protect our communities, and they deserve to be treated fairly by the government.


Members Hold Rally in Halifax

Picture of a demo in Halifax stating "We keep Canada's borders safe. We deserve to be treated fairly"

Members of the CIU Nova Scotia Branch rallied in Halifax early this morning, bringing attention once more to the importance of the work performed by the front-line men and women who keep our country’s borders safe, and deserve fair treatment.

“Our members act as Canada’s first line of defense,” said CIU 3rd National VP Joey Dunphy. “Every day, Border Services personnel stop drugs and weapons from entering the country. They apprehend criminals, and they help protect our communities. In short, they perform the same work as other law enforcement personnel, and it is high time that they be recognized as such.”

After 3.5 years of bargaining, the employer is still pushing for concessions that devalues the work members of the FB Group perform on behalf of all Canadians, and continues to refuse to provide parity with other law enforcement agencies.

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Strong Start to 2018 – Members Rally in Windsor

Picture of a demo in Windsor stating "We keep Canada's borders safe. We deserve to be treated fairly"

A new year means more rallies: CIU & PSAC members kicked things off for 2018 by demonstrating in Windsor (CIU local 00018) today. With a large number of members in attendance, this rally is the latest in a series of demonstrations supporting the FB bargaining team, reminding Canadians that FB members protect Canada’s borders, and sending a clear message to the employer : It is time to treat FB members with respect. These men and women put themselves in harm’s way, they are law enforcement, and they deserve a fair contract.

CIU and PSAC members from different locals were present, including CIU National President Jean-Pierre Fortin and 1st National VP Mark Weber. Thank you to Windsor & District Labour Council, UNIFOR 444, Iron Workers 700, IBEW 773, WUFA, Ontario Teachers Federation, CUPW, CUPE and LIUNA 625 for their solidarity and support. MPP Taras Natyshack, MPP Lisa Gretsky, and MP Brian Masse were also present.

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