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This National Public Service Week, you deserve better

National Public Service Week is an opportunity to recognize the outstanding contributions of federal public service workers over the past year.

It’s a time for the federal government – your employer – to thank you for everything you do.

There’s no doubt you’ve earned it. Faced with insurmountable challenges, you’ve risen to the occasion, never faltering in your commitment to helping Canadians when they needed you the most.

But this year, the government’s message rings hollow after we’ve seen how they’ve treated federal public service workers over the past year. Read the full statement from PSAC.

National Public Service Week: You deserve a fair contract and Phoenix settlement

Cartoon drawing of a loud speaker with the words "let's get this done"

This year’s National Public Service Week (NPSW), being held between June 9 and 15, is happening while 140,000 PSAC members are fighting to reach fair collective agreements and proper compensation for the Phoenix disaster.

While the NPSW is supposed to celebrate and express appreciation for federal workers, the Trudeau government’s actions over the last year have done the opposite:

PSAC encourages members to participate in NPSW events and use them as an opportunity to send a clear signal to government that it has failed its own employees.

With the federal election quickly approaching this fall, there is no better time to send the government a message:

Let’s Get It Done! 

PSAC has created stickers and leaflets to bring home this message during NPSW events across the country — contact your local to get a hold of them.

The original version of this article was first posted on the PSAC website.