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2007: Creation of the FB group

As a show of support for our FB bargaining team returning to the table this week, we present our first vignette on union victories: The creation of the FB group, in 2007.

If border officers have a distinct voice today, it is thanks to the continued pressure and efforts of CIU and the support of PSAC. After years of lobbying by the union and its members, a stand-alone FB group was created in 2007, giving front-line personnel their own collective agreement and paving the way for true recognition as law enforcement. Prior to the FB group, these members were part of the much larger PA group. With this new structure, they took control of their own bargaining and representation.

Since the creation of the FB group, CIU and PSAC have succeeded in securing a remarkable 48% increase in compensation for front-line officers – the largest increase for law enforcement personnel achieved by any union in Canada since 2007.

Photo of BSO and dog with text explaining the creation of the FB group (same text as on the page)

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Celebrating our victories

For more than half a century, CIU and its members have been on the front-line of union advocacy. In our Victories section, we celebrate the hard-won and hard-fought labour battles that gave our members – be they law-enforcement or civilian – the many rights and protections they enjoy today, from stronger representation to a safer work environment.

We invite you to discover how our union helped shape and transform Canada’s first line of defence: available below is a series of short vignettes published on our website and on social media (#CIUvictories), each showcasing a victory or an event of importance in the history of our organization.

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