Tentative Agreement Ratified by FB Members

May 31, 2018
CIU flag with the words "FB Agreement Ratified"

Our successful tentative agreement with the Treasury Board for the Border Services (FB) group has been ratified by the membership. Congratulations to the thousands of PSAC/CIU members at CBSA that took action to help make our new agreement happen. PSAC has been in contact with the Treasury Board and we are ready to sign the final agreement. We have proposed dates in June for the final signing. Once the signing has taken place, the Treasury Board has a maximum of 150 calendar days to pay retroactive payments to union members.

This no-concession contract finally delivers the respect deserved as law enforcement personnel. Since the FB group was created in 2007, PSAC and CIU have negotiated an increase of over 48% in compensation for front-line officers. These are the largest increases for law enforcement personnel achieved by any union in Canada for the same period of time.

Stay tuned once the signing takes place, CIU branches across the country will begin the process of gathering input for the next round of negotiations. For more information, speak with your CIU Branch President.

A version of this article was first posted on the PSAC website.

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