Update: Accommodations for Use of Force Limitations

November 8, 2018
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On October 24, 2018, the CIU National Executive, Brother Star and Sister Amy Kishek, PSAC Legal Officer, met with the CBSA for a G-1 consultation meeting. The Employer advised that following Phase I, it has regularized 78 accommodations which are now permanent placements. These Employees have already received their letters of offer.

Since then the Employer began Phase II, which is to confirm placements on priority projects or to create new placements. The Employer has identified 124 positions that may be regularized as
permanent placements. Letters have not yet been sent to employees but are expected to go out in November. The Employer has not yet engaged local management nor the union but intends
to do so before offers of employment are sent out to employees. Letters of offer will be made in person and not by mail. Employees will be advised that they can have their union present at
these meetings.

There are 106 outstanding accommodations under Phase II which the Employer has yet to
resolve on a permanent basis.

Phase III of the Employer’s plan involves accommodations in temporary projects. At this time, the Employer cannot forecast whether or which situations will be difficult to resolve (e.g., involving geographic relocation, etc). The Employer indicated that some temporary projects may be extended or renewed, but the particulars are not yet available.

The Employer confirmed and agreed that Branch Presidents will be consulted by their regional counterparts regarding accommodations in Phases II and III and that employees will be reminded of their right to union representation in the accommodation process.

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