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FB group: Register now for national town hall meetings

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November 6, 2020

PSAC-CIU will be holding virtual town hall meetings over the next two weeks to give FB members the latest updates on bargaining and outline our next steps as we ramp up to mobilize for a fair contract. During the town hall, you’ll hear from CIU National President Jean-Pierre Fortin and PSAC negotiator Morgan Gay who will provide important information and insight into the bargaining process and our key demands at the table. You’ll be […]

PSAC and Treasury Board sign PA, TC and Phoenix deals

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October 23, 2020

PSAC and Treasury Board today signed new collective agreements for the Program and Administrative (PA) and Technical Services (TC) groups that were ratified by members on September 29. The two bargaining units account for over 80,000 federal public service workers. PSAC and Treasury Board also signed the Phoenix damages agreement reached this summer. Separately, the parties signed the protocol agreement on the negotiation of working conditions for civilian members in the RCMP who […]

FB Bargaining: PSAC-CIU protects bargaining unit work

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October 15, 2020

Buckling under legal pressure from PSAC-CIU, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has stopped contracting out the work of trained border services officers to students at ports of entry in Toronto. In July, CBSA management in Toronto implemented new shifts staffed exclusively by students after PSAC-CIU members refused to enter into talks on a temporary variable shift schedule arrangement (VSSA) due to concerns that management would […]

SV members ratify new tentative agreement

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October 5, 2020

PSAC members in the Operational Services (SV) bargaining unit have voted in favour of their tentative agreement. The unit represents nearly 10,000 federal public service workers who have gone above and beyond to support Canadians during this pandemic. The new collective agreement covers the 2018-2021 period and provides fair wages, no concessions and improved working conditions. “I am proud of the elected members of our bargaining teams for their unwavering dedication during […]

PA, TC, and EB members ratify new agreements with Treasury Board

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September 29, 2020

A majority of PSAC members in the Program and Administrative (PA), Technical Services (TC), Education and Library Science (EB), and PSAC-UTE (CRA) bargaining units have voted in favour of their respective tentative agreements. The four units represent nearly 110,000 federal public service workers who have gone above and beyond to support Canadians during this pandemic. The new collective agreements for the PA, TC and EB groups cover the […]