PSAC National Convention Passes Firearm Resolution

May 1, 2015

On Wednesday April 29, delegates attending the 2015 PSAC National Triennial Convention passed a resolution ensuring that all PSAC members who are required to carry firearms will have quick access to union-paid legal counsel if they use their firearm and/or other defense tools in the course of their duties.

This means that CIU members who are armed – Border Services Officers, Inland Enforcement Officers, Investigations Officers and Firearm Trainers – will be provided with protection that is vital given the work that they do.

The resolution also applies to other PSAC-represented law enforcement personnel, such as Fisheries Officers, Park Wardens and Wildlife Officers.

CIU thanks all PSAC delegates at the convention in Quebec City for supporting their Sisters and Brothers whose job is to enforce the law.

Further information and directives will be communicated to members as soon as these are available.

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