Public Service Alliance of Canada – Guides for Shop Stewards

Guide to Grievance Handling

Being a steward is an important job. You were elected as a steward because you are a leader in your workplace. Your colleagues are counting on you to show them how to make their workplace and union better. This manual is just one of the tools you’ll need to be a top-notch steward.

Employment Equity Toolkit

Employment Equity is a program of proactive, positive measures designed to:

  • Increase the representation of people from the four “designated groups” in the workplace to a level that reflects their availability in the labour market; and
  • Identify and eliminate artificial barriers in the workplace that prevent designated group members from accessing jobs, promotions, training, etc.

Canadian Labour Congress – Guides for Union Representatives

Workers in Transition: A Practical Guide about Gender Transition for Union Representatives

This guide is designed for trade union leaders, union staff representatives, local executive and committee members and shop stewards so that we can better protect the rights of our trans members and ensure they have the support they need before, during and after they transition.