Discipline: Our Members Need and Deserve Better Protection

October 18, 2017
FB Bargaining

CIU and PSAC have prepared a series of flyers on major FB bargaining issues, explaining what we are fighting for. This week, the issue is discipline.


What do we want?

  • The right for union members to have union representation in any investigatory or administrative meeting with management – including Professional Standards Investigation (PSI) meetings.
  • Paid leave during an investigatory suspension. No one should be punished unless guilty of an infraction.
  • A stronger legal indemnification policy that is included in our collective agreement.
  • Protection against on-going surveillance of employees in the workplace.

Why do we need it?

  • Over the last few years, CBSA has been increasingly heavy-handed in disciplining employees, often based on the flimsiest evidence.
  • CBSA is using the PSI process more and more to try harass and intimidate officers.
  • On occasion, CBSA has placed employees on investigatory suspension without pay for long periods of time. Employees are being punished without having been found guilty of any infraction.

Why are we fighting for it?

  • Our bargaining team has made these demands a top priority. It’s time to end CBSA’s use of excessive and unnecessary discipline in many CBSA workplaces.
  • Other federal employers already provide some of our demands.
  • Our members need and deserve better protection from CBSA senior management in our collective agreement.

A message from your FB bargaining team

Flyer on discipline

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