FB vote on years of service accrual: Everything you need to know to vote

February 12, 2019
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The FB bargaining team, with support of PSAC-CIU, recently decided to take the unprecedented step of calling a membership vote on the issue of years of service accrual. You can read the bargaining team’s reasons for calling the vote here. The FB bargaining team and PSAC-CIU will be taking no official position on the issue of years of service accrual until the vote is complete.

If you are a member of the FB bargaining unit, please read the following carefully.

The online vote will take place between 8:30 AM on February 18 and 12 PM (noon) on March 1st (ET). A simple majority of those members who vote will decide the outcome and determine the position taken by the bargaining team on the years of service accrual issue in negotiations. The vote is secret and strictly confidential.

What are FB members voting on?

FB members will have the opportunity to vote on whether the union should take the position in this round of bargaining to keep the definition of “years of service” as is, or to have previous time in the Canadian Forces also apply for the years of service definition for:

  1. Line selection for shift workers.
  2. Processes for determining who works on a DPH for shift workers.
  3. Vacation selection for everyone in the bargaining unit.
  4. Determining who can access voluntary programs under the Workforce Adjustment Appendix in the event there are excess volunteers.

Note: Previous time in the Canadian Forces is already included in the calculation of vacation leave credits

Ballot wording

Option 1 — I support the Union taking the position in negotiations that the definition of years of service (seniority) should be changed to include time in the Canadian Forces as defined in Article 34.03 a) ii) for all areas of the collective agreement where years of service is applied.

Option 2 — I support leaving the definition of service as it is currently defined in the collective agreement.

Online information sessions (webinars)

This is an unprecedented vote and is not governed by PSAC’s Regulation 15. Therefore, online information sessions (webinars) being offered to members are not a prerequisite for voting. Nevertheless, PSAC-CIU encourages members to participate in the webinars to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed before voting.

The following webinars are available for FB members. To register, please click on the session you would like to participate in.

English French
Wednesday February 20 at 4 PM (ET) Wednesday February 20 at 3 PM (ET)
Friday February 22 at 12 PM/noon (ET) Friday February 22 at 1 PM (ET)
Wednesday February 27 at 6 PM (ET) Wednesday February 27 at 7 PM (ET)

How to cast a vote

Voter information package

In order to vote, you will need to receive a voter information package. This will be sent to the home email address we have on file for you on February 18. If we do not have a home email address for you, we will send you the package via regular mail on February 13.

If you are in the FB bargaining unit but are not a union member (i.e. you have not signed your union membership card), you will first have to sign a union membership card if you choose to participate in the vote. In such a situation, please contact your local or your PSAC regional office to make arrangements as soon as possible.

If you have not received your package by email or regular mail by February 18, please contact the closest PSAC regional office to you.

PIN and website/phone number to vote

The voter information package will include the PIN required to vote. It will also include the website address and phone number to cast a vote. You will only be able to vote once, either on the web or by phone.

Voting period

You may vote any time between 8:30 AM on February 18 and 12 PM/noon on March 1 (ET).

Where to get help with the vote

Your voter information package will include a PSAC helpline number for all questions related to the vote. If you have not received your package by email or regular mail by February 18, please contact the closest PSAC regional office to you.

The original version of this article was first posted on the PSAC website.

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