PSAC Anti-Racism Action Plan: National townhalls

November 20, 2023

National telephone townhalls for PSAC’s Anti-Racism Action Plan have been launched for Indigenous and racialized members. These national townhalls are the last part of the Anti-Racism Action Plan consultation process that began in 2021.
Members who have self-identified as Indigenous and/or racialized have been invited to share their lived experiences, expertise, and the psychological and physical impacts of racism, so the barriers that continue to prevent members from fully participating in our union can be identified and break down.

How to participate

Members who identify as Indigenous and/or racialized have received email invitations to register for townhalls, and reminders will follow. If you have not received an invitation and would like to attend a townhall, please complete this self-identification survey, and you will automatically receive an email to register for a townhall.

See the PSAC website for more information on how to participate.

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