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Thank you – A message from the National President

CIU Flag / Drapeau du SDI

Sisters and Brothers,

These are difficult times around the world.  While everyone continues to do their part, I want to take a moment to thank CIU members for stepping up to the plate and facing challenges brought on by COVID. Many of you are at the front line on a daily basis and are doing your part to keep Canadians safe. I can assure you that this has not gone unnoticed. Travellers, the general public and I’m sure your own family members are proud of the work you are doing – as am I. I spoke with the Minister this morning and he is also impressed your good work.

I know that I can continue to count on all of you. Please know that you can also count on me, on the members of the CIU National Executive, on the members of the CIU National Board of Directors, and on the employees of the CIU National Office as we continue to ensure every measure is put in place to protect your health and safety.

Let’s continue to take care of one another as we stand united!

Jean-Pierre Fortin
National President
Customs and Immigration Union