2008: ‘Doubling-up’ at ports of entry

June 27, 2019

Our seventh vignette in a series celebrating our union victories.

It should go without saying that no officer should be obligated to work alone when performing law enforcement related duties. Yet, CIU had to lobby aggressively so the unacceptable practice of forcing officers to work alone – often in remote locations or late at night – would stop. This egregiously unsafe policy affected a staggering 139 work locations throughout the country, needlessly endangering officers and border communities.

Thanks to relentless union pressure, the situation started to turn in 2006, with the government allocating funding to solve ‘work-alone’ situations. Finally, 2008 saw the employer adopt its Doubling-up Policy.

While it would still take a few years after the adoption of the policy for work-alone situations to be eliminated, the union had succeeded in its primary objective: Having the employer recognize the need to end an archaic practice and ensure proper backup for its officers – our members – in a law enforcement environment.

Two border services officers, with a text about CIU's role in achieving the 'doubling-up' of officers at ports of entry

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