What’s Going On With FB Bargaining?

April 21, 2017
FB Bargaining

Our PSAC/CIU bargaining team for the FB group broke off talks in February after spending three days in mediation with the employer and making no progress on our key priorities. Also CBSA continued to push concessions.

Consequently, our Team proceeded to the next step in the process provided for under the law – filing for a Public Interest Commission (PIC). Get more information on the PIC process here.

Once the PSAC filed for a PIC with the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (PSLREB), the Treasury Board responded by indicating that a PIC was premature and that more mediation was required.

Our response was clear: after over two years of talks – including a week and a half session in December and three full days of mediation in February – the parties were indeed at impasse and that it is time to move to the next stage in the process. What’s more, the Treasury Board and CBSA provided no indication that the employer is prepared to address the issues that our Team raised in bargaining with respect to compensation, pension and hours of work (among others matters). Our position was that there should be no further delay.

Next step is being set in motion

The PSLREB contacted the union on April 5, 2017 to notify us that the PIC is going forward, and that the next step in setting up a PIC is being set in motion (the appointment of the parties’ nominees). We are now awaiting news from the PSLREB concerning the next step in the process – the naming of the Chair of the PIC.

Unfortunately, there are no timelines prescribed in the legislation in terms of getting the PIC set up and for the selection of a date for the hearing.  It is up to the PSLREB.

In the meantime, CIU leadership is consulting with Branch Presidents across the country, along with representatives from our bargaining team, to discuss next steps beyond filing for a PIC – including potential mobilization activities to get the Treasury Board and CBSA to finally address our issues concerning parity with other law enforcement agencies.  For more information, speak with your CIU Branch President.

Our union and our bargaining team remain committed to achieving a fair contract for CIU/PSAC members in the FB bargaining unit. We’ll be sure to provide updates as things progress.

Download the PDF version of this update (bilingual document).

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