2023 Branch Elections — Elections kit, documents, and important dates

August 25, 2023

The 2023 Branch Elections Kit is now available.

For more information on the branch electoral process, please see the CIU Branch Rules (specifically Branch Rule 12), write to us at elections@ciu-sdi.ca or contact your Branch President.

Important Documents & Other Information

Individual Forms

These form are all available in the Branch Elections Kit, but are provided individually for your convenience — some forms are intended for the Branch Executive and/or the Branch Nominations Elections Committee (NEC) exclusively.

These filable forms are optimized for Adobe Acrobat but should work with other PDF readers.

Electronic Vote

Unless otherwise specified by the local Branch, the 2023 Branch Elections will be conducted electronically. The electronic voting process will be coordinated by the CIU National Office and overseen by Intelivote. See the following page for more information.

Branches which opt out of the electronic process will be responsible for issuing and collecting paper ballots. The Main Elections Timetable can be used for in-person voting. If using mail-in ballots, please refer to the Supplemental Timetable. Both timetables can be viewed here.

Please note:  In-person or mail-in ballots cannot be used in conjunction with electronic voting.

  • The following Branches have indicated they would be using the electronic voting process (if elections are taking place): 90001, 80002, 10010, 70027, 00016, 00017, 00018, 00019, 00023, 00024, 00026, 50030, 40031, 30036, 20040, 20042, 20045
  • The following Branches have indicated they would not be using the electronic voting process (if elections are taking place): 60004, 10007, 10008, 70066, 00020
  • Confirmation pending: 10011


Results for Branches where elections are taking place will be made available here on October 30. Results for positions filled by acclamation (in cases where only one nomination was received for a given position) will be posted at the end of the nomination period.

Branch NECs

Each CIU Branch has a Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) responsible for overseeing the elections throughout the Branch. See the following post for a list of all Branch NECs.

Important Dates

The Outgoing Branch Executive must appoint the Chair and the Secretary of the Branch’s NEC (and notify the National Office of these appointments) as soon as possible. The NEC will then be tasked with overseeing the Branch electoral process.

Main Electoral Timetable (overview)

    • Nominations period: September 25 to October 1 (midnight local time)
    • Campaigning period: October 2 to October 8 (midnight local time)
    • Voting period: October 9 to October 29 (5 p.m. local time)
    • Counting ballots: October 29 (5 p.m. local time)
    • Results posted on National CIU website (electronic vote): October 30
    • Please note that this is an overview of important dates. See the Timetables included in the Branch Elections Kit for more information.

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