Acting assignments: A message from the CIU National President [updated]

May 24, 2024

Dear CIU members,

A core principle of the labour movement is that of solidarity in the face of adversity. The adage of ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ is truest at the zenith of bargaining, when union members are called upon to defend their rights against an employer keen to undermine the hard-won victories of past rounds and stifle our ability to build towards something better.

FB mobilization during the last round of bargaining, which culminated in our historic work-to-rule action on August 6, 2021, showed the employer how powerful we are when we act as one. Now, as our employer’s inaction at the bargaining table forces us toward another such moment, it is important we send a clear message to the employer: We did it once and can do it again.

The overwhelming strike mandate secured by FB members underscores that they are prepared to do what it takes for a fair contract. Despite the employer’s renewed efforts to suppress union actions, members continue to proudly support their bargaining team by wearing union swag and displaying messages of solidarity in the workplace. The last weeks have also seen branches across the country organize successful rallies and activities, drawing the public’s attention to our ongoing struggle.

Over the coming weeks, as we continue to ramp up the pressure, we need all members to do their part to ensure our collective success in the fight for a fair agreement.

One such way is for all FB members currently on a voluntary acting assignment in a managerial position to turn in this assignment and return to their substantive position effective June 7, 2024 at 4 p.m. ET, in the event a strike is declared should a deal not be reached.

Members who would choose to remain on a managerial acting assignment as we move closer to a potential strike would signal at best that they are satisfied reaping the rewards others have fought for. At worst, they would signal that they are content standing with management, complicit in the mistreatment of their fellow CIU members.

Let’s not mince words: This employer has shown time and again that it does not respect your rights as employees or as union members. It has bullied, harassed, and lied — and continues to do so — trying to prevent union members from exercising their legal rights. To stand with them is to reject the fundamental principles upon which our union is founded.

To those of you currently on a managerial acting assignment, I urge you to do what’s right should a strike be called, come back to your substantive position within the bargaining unit, and stand with your fellow union members.  Be on the right side of what will undoubtedly be another success for all CIU members.

In solidarity,

Mark Weber
CIU National President

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