CIU, PSAC respond to CBSA’s Summer Action Plan, file policy grievance

June 30, 2022
Photo of CIU flag

On June 27, 2022, as part of our response to CBSA’s Summer Action Plan, PSAC filed a policy grievance on behalf of CIU members, asserting that the Canada Border Services Agency violated the FB collective agreement by unilaterally introducing the Summer Action Plan.

As per the grievance, the union is of the opinion that the policies and actions put forward by the SAP constitute an unreasonable exercise of managerial responsibilities and are in violation of the FB collective agreement, including but not limited to the clauses affecting hours of work, overtime, religious observance, vacation leave with pay, sick leave with pay, as well as Appendix B.

As a result, the union is seeking the following corrective actions:

  • A declaration that the employer’s policies are in violation of the FB collective agreement,
  • That CBSA adheres to the provisions of the collective agreement and rescinds the arbitrarily imposed new policies and rules related to shift changes, overtime, leave management, and overtime compensation,
  • That the union, and any member prejudiced by these new policies, be made whole, and
  • Any other corrective measures deemed appropriate under the circumstances.

The measures introduced as part of SAP are far reaching, and we understand that questions remain regarding the impact of the Plan on our members, as well as possible recourses. More information will follow in the coming days, including answers to frequently asked questions, along with guidance on the possibility of individual grievances in appropriate circumstances.

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