Convention 2023 Day 1

September 21, 2023

September 21 was the first day of CIU’s 20th National Convention. Over the course of this first day in Ottawa, Convention attendees rallied in support of 25 and out, celebrated Life Members, heard from invited guests such as PSAC negotiators Morgan Gay and Brenda Shillington, and tackled Convention business, including the reports of the CIU National Executive.

See photos of the first day of Convention below (or the main photo feed here), follow us online with the hashtag #ciusdi2023 to get the latest Convention updates, and tune in for Day 2!

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Convention 2023 Day 3: Delegates elect new National Representatives & Alternates

September 23, 2023

On the last day of the 20th Convention, delegates continued working on Convention business, and elected the 2023-2026 CIU National Executive, Human Rights Representative, Young Worker Representative, and Alternates: National President Mark Weber (acclaimed) 1st National Vice-President Rick Savage (acclaimed) 2nd National Vice-President Brea Baresinkoff (acclaimed) 3rd National Vice-President Yanniv Waknine (acclaimed) 4th National Vice-President […]