FB bargaining: Parties move to mediation, dates scheduled in June

May 10, 2024

As mobilization at worksites across the country continues, the FB bargaining team will continue to push back against concessions and fight for fair wages and better working conditions. Mediation sessions have been scheduled starting on June 3.

The bargaining team is determined to win a fair agreement that includes fair wages, access to telework for non-uniformed members, stronger job protections, protections from contracting out, and equitable retirement benefits.

Treasury Board and CBSA are feeling the pressure

Everything you do in the workplace – no matter how big or small – to show the employer you support our bargaining team makes a difference as we push for a fair contract.

You have the right to wear union materials on the job

This is confirmed by two Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board decisions. You also have the right to be kept informed and take action during non-work time, before or after shifts and during paid and unpaid breaks and lunch periods.

Wearing baseball caps, nametags, or lanyards shows managers you support our bargaining demands and – after two years without a collective agreement – are prepared to take job action to reach a fair deal. Every action is reported up the chain and pushes CBSA to come to the table with a fair offer.

Public Interest Commission hearings complete

PSAC made a presentation to the Public Interest Commission (PIC) on April 10 and pushed back against employer concessions on April 22. In the coming weeks, the PIC board will provide a non-binding recommendation to reach an agreement.  While federal legislation provides for the PIC to issue its recommendation within 30 days of the hearing, the chair may extend that timeline.

PSAC will be in a legal position to take strike action seven days after receiving the report, if a strike mandate is received from the membership.

PSAC to pursue legal action over telework mandate

Telework is currently a critical issue at the table. Any changes to your terms and conditions of work while in bargaining directly undermines collective bargaining rights. In response to the announcement last week, PSAC has filed an unfair labour practice complaint.

Strike vote ongoing

PSAC and CIU continue to hold a nationwide strike vote for the FB group April 10 to May 15. It’s time to show CBSA that we are prepared to take job action to reach a fair deal.

Be sure to keep your contact information up to date to receive all the latest updates. If you have any questions, please contact your Customs and Immigration Union branch president or visit the CIU and PSAC websites.

This article was first posted on the PSAC website.

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