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FB Bargaining: Tentative Agreement Details for FB-04s and FB-05s

Picture of the FB Bargaining Team with the words "tentative agreement reached!"

There have been a number of questions concerning what was achieved for FB-04s and FB-05s (including Intelligence Officers, Investigations Officers and Hearings Officers) in our recent settlement.

While the agreement itself will be available once fully translated, in terms of wage increases the following applies to FB-04s and -05s:

  • 1.25% each year from 2014 to 2017;
  • An additional $2,500 step to the maximum levels;
  • A further 2.3% market adjustment applicable to all steps and levels;
  • The roll-into salary of the harmonized Integrated Border Service Allowance ($1,750) into salary for all FB-04s and -05s;
  • Over the life of the agreement FB4 job rate will jump from the current $76,263 to $86,408 and FB5 will increase from the current $83,542 to $94,233. In both cases the overall increase to pensionable maximum salary will be well over ten thousand dollars.

These increases greatly exceed what was provided to personnel at other federal law agencies – including both  RCMP Constables and Corrections Officers – for the same time period. What’s more, as part of the 2009 conversion a number of jobs in both FB-04 and FB-05 received greater increases than FB-03s.

Our bargaining team is recommending ratification of the agreement. All members will have a vote and, as the voting process rolls out there will be ample opportunity for members to ask questions to bargaining team members and union representatives.