Attending a picket line and receiving strike pay: What to do if you cannot register electronically

April 17, 2023
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In some cases, usually due to being recent hires or having changed department in the last few months, members may be unable to complete parts or all of the PSAC electronic registration process, including updating their contact information. While this is frustrating, in no way does it prevent striking members from participating in picket lines and receiving strike pay. Here’s what to do:

  • When attending a picket line, bring a copy of your pay stub (and, if you have filled an electronic membership card or eRand card, any confirmation or screenshot showing you have completed the form). You will be manually added to the strike system and sent a bar code to be able to receive strike pay.
  • Make sure a picket captain is aware of your presence and have them note your attendance. Keep a record of the picket captain’s name, and of the time you arrived (and departed) the picket line.
  • If you cannot register electronically and haven’t received a barcode for strike pay, but have a PSAC membership card, bring your card with you when you attend a picket line. The barcode on the back of the card is the same that would have been sent to you by email.
  • New employees who have not started paying union dues can still report to a picket line, where they’ll be able to sign a card. They may be asked to verify which Branch they belong to, either by calling a Branch representative, or by providing suitable documentation (such as a hiring letter).
  • Loop in your Branch President, who’ll be able to assist you.

See the PSAC TB strike FAQ for more information on strike pay and picket line attendance.

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