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Eligibility for strike pay on May 1

PA, EB, TC and SV members who returned to work following the end of the Treasury Board strike on May 1 may be eligible for additional PSAC strike pay.

If you received the notice of return to work too late to be able to work your usual shift the morning of May 1, or the delay caused you to incur a financial loss based upon working a shorter day on May 1, you could be entitled to full or partial PSAC strike pay equivalent for the times in question.

Members who lost less than four (4) hours of wages but a minimum of one (1) hour of wages will be entitled to the equivalent of part-time PSAC strike pay (ranging from $53 dollars to $98.70 depending upon your work location based upon strike pay regulations) while members who lost more than four (4) hours wages will be entitled to the equivalent of a full day of PSAC strike pay (ranging from $75 to $141 depending upon your work location based upon strike pay regulations).

In order to be eligible, you must provide proof of loss of income or leave that you were required to use, then complete this form so that your PSAC regional office can process your request for additional PSAC strike pay.

This top-up will only cover the equivalent of PSAC strike pay. Please contact your component for further information regarding component strike pay top-ups where applicable.

Please note: CIU will issue strike top-up payments to members based on the information provided by PSAC. There is no need for members to contact CIU directly, as the required information will be communicated by PSAC to the component. Please make sure to complete the form so that your request can be processed by PSAC.

This article is based on content first posted on the PSAC website.

CIU strike pay top-up update

We have now processed the CIU national strike pay top-up for PA, EB, TC and SV members who attended picket lines between April 19 and April 21, 2023.

Members who attended a picket line between April 19 and April 21, and who signed up for electronic payments with PSAC, will receive an e-transfer in the next 24 hours covering picket line attendance in the first week. An email has been sent to these members with information on how to deposit the e-transfer once they receive it. Members who have not registered to receive e-transfers will be issued a cheque, although these are still being processed.

As a reminder, the CIU national strike pay top-up of $50/day is paid to striking members who attended a picket line for at least four hours per day. Please note that payments are issued based on data communicated to CIU by PSAC.

Further note that we are still processing the strike pay top-up for the second week of the strike. Members who attended picket lines during the second week and who have registered for e-transfers will receive a notification once payment is processed for those days. We thank you for your patience as we continue to work to process payments as quickly as possible.

All inquiries regarding the CIU strike pay top-up should be sent to strike@ciu-sdi.ca. In a few isolated cases, we have incomplete contact information for some members, which makes it difficult to issue payment via cheque or e-transfer. Members who have attended a picket line but who do not receive a payment notification from CIU should contact us at strike@ciu-sdi.ca so that we may investigate, bearing in mind that payments for the second week have yet to be issued.

Some Branches are also issuing local top-ups. Please contact your Branch President for more information about Branch strike pay top-ups.

Attending a picket line and receiving strike pay: What to do if you cannot register electronically

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In some cases, usually due to being recent hires or having changed department in the last few months, members may be unable to complete parts or all of the PSAC electronic registration process, including updating their contact information. While this is frustrating, in no way does it prevent striking members from participating in picket lines and receiving strike pay. Here’s what to do:

  • When attending a picket line, bring a copy of your pay stub (and, if you have filled an electronic membership card or eRand card, any confirmation or screenshot showing you have completed the form). You will be manually added to the strike system and sent a bar code to be able to receive strike pay.
  • Make sure a picket captain is aware of your presence and have them note your attendance. Keep a record of the picket captain’s name, and of the time you arrived (and departed) the picket line.
  • If you cannot register electronically and haven’t received a barcode for strike pay, but have a PSAC membership card, bring your card with you when you attend a picket line. The barcode on the back of the card is the same that would have been sent to you by email.
  • New employees who have not started paying union dues can still report to a picket line, where they’ll be able to sign a card. They may be asked to verify which Branch they belong to, either by calling a Branch representative, or by providing suitable documentation (such as a hiring letter).
  • Loop in your Branch President, who’ll be able to assist you.

See the PSAC TB strike FAQ for more information on strike pay and picket line attendance.

Receive your PSAC strike pay via Interac e-transfer

Here’s what members in the TB bargaining units should know about registering for Interact e-transfer for the PSAC strike pay.

Q: I received an email with the subject line: Strike pay: sign up for e-transfer. Is this an official email from PSAC? 

Yes. This is an official email from PSAC, to ask you to register for strike pay to be transferred securely through e-transfer with your personal e-mail address. The email is unique to each member and linked to their individual PSAC ID. It cannot be forwarded to other members.

Q: If I do not provide an e-mail address for an e-transfer, will I continue to receive strike pay? 

Yes, you will still receive strike pay. If we do not have your consent and preferred e-mail address, your strike pay will be processed by cheque and distributed to the PSAC region you are in to pay you when you are on the picket line with PSAC members.

Q: I deleted the email by accident, what should I do? 

Nothing. If you received the email, that means you are already in our membership database, and we will be re-issuing the email on Thursday, April 13 for members who have not yet signed up.

Q: I did not receive this email, what do I do? 

This means we may not have your personal e-mail address to communicate with you. You can add your email through PSAC’s member portal. You will not be able to use an email that was forwarded to you by another member because the original email is unique to each member and linked to their individual PSAC ID.

Q: Can my regional office re-send the e-mail directly to me? 

Yes, Regional Office staff can re-send emails directly. We strongly encourage members to have updated contact information through the member portal.

Visit our member portal to keep your contact information up to date.

Q: What is strike pay? 

For more about Treasury Board bargaining and strike pay, check our FAQ about Treasury Board Bargaining.

This article was first posted on the PSAC website.