February 2, 2023: Solidarity redux

February 2, 2023
Photo of CIU flag

On February 2 — Groundhog Day — our FB bargaining team was back at the bargaining table, where the employer continued to display the same inconsiderate attitude we’ve seen before, repeating a pattern we’re all too familiar with.

Luckily, CIU members from coast to coast to coast, in a display of solidarity reminiscent of August 6, 2021, were ready to step up once again and support their bargaining team, displaying signs, swag and stickers. Last round of bargaining, the employer saw what we could do when we’re united, and the message we sent on February 2 was clear: If they want to repeat the past, so can we. But we’re not going to wait three years.

See the gallery below for photos of the day.

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