PSAC and government return to bargaining table to reach deal before election

September 3, 2019
Photo of PSAC members marching in a rally

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) is resuming bargaining with Treasury Board for federal public service workers with the expectation that the government is committed to delivering a fair contract and proper compensation for the damage done to PSAC members by the Phoenix pay system.

Approximately half of the 140,000 federal public service workers currently in negotiations will be back at the bargaining table when the Program and Administrative Services (PA) unit, representing 71,000 PSAC members, resumes negotiations on Sunday September 1.

PSAC was previously forced to declare bargaining impasse after the government did not address key member concerns, and is awaiting several Public Interest Commission hearings. Moreover, PSAC rejected the federal government’s agreement with other federal unions providing only 5 days of leave to make up for the Phoenix debacle.

“We said to Treasury Board we would return to the bargaining table at any time but only to discuss an improved offer—one that includes annual wage increases that meet or exceed inflation, improved work-life balance, and equitable monetary compensation for the Phoenix nightmare,” said PSAC National President Chris Aylward.

Any agreement reached by the PA group in the coming days will set an important precedent for all other PSAC units to work from when they return to the bargaining table after the election.

PSAC will provide additional updates on the talks as appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there still time to reach a tentative agreement?

The October 21 federal election is quickly approaching but there is still time to reach a tentative agreement with the government before the election is called.

What happens if a tentative agreement is reached?

If PSAC reaches a tentative agreement, the union will immediately begin the ratification process to allow members a chance to vote for or against the new agreement.

What PSAC units are currently negotiating new contracts with the federal government?

Nine PSAC units covering 140,000 workers in the federal government are currently negotiating new contracts. All the units below, except for Border Services (FB), are awaiting hearings at their respective Public Interest Commission (PIC).

Major government bargaining units

Click on your unit for the latest specific updates.

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