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Changes to the FB bargaining team

Since it was formed earlier this year, our FB bargaining team has seen some changes to its membership. The bargaining team is now comprised of the following members:

Brea Baresinkoff, Michael William Fraser, Marjorie Gavel, Sophie Martin, Jacqueline Monk, Lisa Morgan, Keith Palmer, Shane Paul, Stewart Saunderson, and Jordan Smith.

Morgan Gay and Darren Pacione remain as Negotiator and Research Officer, respectively.

Welcome to the new members and thank you to everyone on the team for the work you’re doing on behalf of FB members.

August 6: A time for solidarity

Photo of CIU flag

August 6, 2021, marked a historical moment for our union and for the Canadian labour movement at large when FB members mobilized from coast to coast to coast, successfully bringing to a close a long and protracted bargaining round. Through this display of solidarity — one of the most fruitful in recent Canadian labour history — our members showed just how powerful we can be when we come together and act as one in the face of adversity.

As the anniversary of this important moment approaches, FB members once again find themselves at the early stage of the bargaining process for a new collective agreement, preparing for another round where key protections will have to be fought for and defended. At the same time, following Treasury Board’s insulting wage proposal and unacceptable concession demands, our members from the PA, TC, SV and EB tables have reached impasse in their own negotiations, and are now awaiting the proceedings of the Public Interest Commission, moving closer to being in a legal strike position.

As this unfolds, it is important to remember that we do not bargain in a vacuum. Many of the concessions sought by Treasury Board for the PA, TC, SV and EB tables will have a broader impact beyond this round of bargaining — including for our FB members for whom the bargaining process is just beginning.

Victories are most effective when they act as a foundation to be built upon. In that spirit, let August 6 serve as a springboard for us to support ongoing efforts to push back against Treasury Board’s concession demands, in a demonstration of solidarity with all members — both within CIU and outside CIU — from the PA, TC, SV and EB groups.

No gesture is too small. On the first anniversary date of the August 6 FB mobilization and for the week following, Branch executives are encouraged to plan activities appropriate for their work location in solidarity with other Treasury Board tables. Members should reach out to their Branch President to discuss ideas and ways to express support for ongoing bargaining efforts. Branch Presidents can contact their National Vice-President for more information.

United we bargain, divided we beg: On August 6 and beyond, let’s show that CIU members truly know the meaning of solidarity.

Mark Weber
National President
Customs and Immigration Union

FB bargaining: PSAC serves notice to bargain, prepares for bargaining conference

PSAC has taken the first step to begin the next round of negotiations for more than 8,500 PSAC-CIU members in the FB group by serving Treasury Board with notice to bargain.

After issuing an input call for bargaining demands, the union received over 1,000 proposals from PSAC-CIU members working for the Canada Border Servies Agency (CBSA). Next month, members from every Customs and Immigration Union branch across Canada will meet in person at our national bargaining conference in Ottawa, from March 31 to April 2, to elect a bargaining team and discuss priorities for a new round of bargaining. Our initial bargaining dates will be determined soon after.

The unprecedented mobilization by FB members during our last round of bargaining was critical in securing important gains — including better protections against excessive discipline, a streamlined grievance process, and additional improvements in line with what other Canadian law enforcement agencies provide. PSAC-CIU is committed to continuing to build on these gains.

Throughout the pandemic, PSAC-CIU members at CBSA have gone above and beyond to serve Canadians and protect our borders. It’s time for the employer to recognize that dedication and hard work by making the CBSA a better and safer place to work.

Stay in touch

Please be sure to keep your contact information up to date via the member portal to receive all the latest updates as we negotiate your next contract.

If you have any questions, please contact your CIU branch president or PSAC regional office.

This article was first posted on the PSAC website.

Get back to the table now

Image conversation PSAC AFPC

PSAC members stepped up to deliver the government’s massive response to COVID-19 in record time.

Yet the government continues to delay talks for a new contract for nearly 140,000 federal public service workers.

Tell the government to get back to the table. Now.

Go to the PSAC website to send a message to the Trudeau government telling them it’s time to reach a fair deal for public service workers.

FB Bargaining: Limited progress during second meeting

Photo of a BSO - Photo d'un ASF

The PSAC-CIU bargaining team representing the Border Services (FB) group met with Treasury Board/CBSA the week of February 25 for a second negotiating session towards a new collective agreement.

Harassment protections

In light of CBSA’s February 27 ‘Pink Shirt Day’ initiative to raise awareness about harassment in the workplace, the bargaining team reminded CBSA and Treasury Board that there are serious problems with abuse of authority and harassment by management in CBSA workplaces across the country. Considering these serious, ongoing problems, the union is looking for much greater protections against harassment from CBSA management in the next contract.


The bargaining team asked CBSA about its plans on telework and presented formal proposals for new collective agreement articles on the matter. PSAC-CIU has been pushing for years for greater access to teleworking opportunities for Trade Compliance officers and other non-uniformed personnel.

The team also reminded CBSA that, under the law, the Agency must consult the union and gain the union’s consent before moving forward with any changes in the current terms and conditions of employment. The Agency has effectively ignored the Treasury Board policy on telework for many years.

Maternity and Parental Leave

The union proposed a 93% top up for the new 18-month maternity and parental leave option introduced by the government in 2017. The employer rejected this but the bargaining team indicated it will continue maintaining this proposal.

Click here to review PSAC-CIU’s package of proposals as well as those of the employer.

The next negotiating session will be held the week of April 8. For more information visit psacunion.ca/fb

The original version of this article was first posted on the PSAC website.